Saturday, December 22, 2007

Coriander / Kothimera Paratha

My Sister-in-laws tries recipes of her own. She told me that she made this coriander paratha and it tastes good and my brother too liked this. She told me to try this and told me the recipe. Yeah…What she said it true…really it tastes good.

Learnt From: My Sister-in-law's own recipe

Makes: 6 Parathas


Wheat flour --- 2/3 rd cup
Coriander leaves (Kothimera) --- 20-25 stems
Green chilies --- 4
Salt --- as per taste
Water --- half to the flour

Process of making the dough:

In a bowl … add 2/3 rd cup of wheat flour.
Slit green chilies twice to make four pieces. Cut the slit green chilies into tiny pieces. Or else you can even grind them to make tiny pieces. Add them to the flour.
Chop 20-25 stems of coriander leaves to tiny pieces. Add to the flour.
Add enough salt to the flour.
Add about half of the water to the flour.
Knead the dough.
Add a tsp of oil. Again knead the dough.
Rest it for 15-30 minutes.

Process of rolling Parathas:

Once again knead the dough before rolling them to parathas.
Divide the dough to 6 equal parts.
Take each part to your hands roll them to a ball with your palms.
Press gently with your palms.
Dip them either side in the wheat flour.
On a rolling pad… roll it to a round flat shape with a rolling pin.
Take an edge of the rolled one. Roll them like a folded mat like in the picture below.

Again fold it like a coil. Look at the picture below.

Stick the tip tightly with a drop of water.
Again dip that in the wheat flour.
Roll out to a round flat shape.

In the same manner. Roll the rest of the parathas too.

Process of frying:

Fry the parathas with oil on a griddle like you fry chapathas.
Have with a curry.

Tastes really good.

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