Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dates Cake (Eggless)

We finished 11 months of our wedding life and entered into our 12 th month. On this occasion I made this dates cake which my husband likes.

Learnt From: Aayi’s Recipes


Dates --- 18
Milk --- ¾ th Cup
Sugar --- ¾ th Cup
Oil --- ½ Cup
Maida / All Purpose Flour --- 1 Cup
Baking Powder --- 1 tsp
Ghee --- 1 tsp


Soak 18 dates in ¾ th cup of warm milk overnight. If you are using seedless dates no need to soak.

In a blender … Add soaked dates (if the dates are not seedless … remove the seeds), milk (which u used to soak dates), ¾ th cup sugar.

Grind to a smooth mixture.

Transfer that mixture to a bowl.
Add ½ cup of oil. Beat well.

Add 1 cup of maida flour and 1 tsp of baking powder together.

Beat well.

Chop cashew nuts to small pieces. Add them to the mixture.

Mix them to the mixture.
Grease cake pan bottom and side layer with a tsp of ghee.

Pour the batter on the cake pan.

Pre-heat oven at bake at 350 degrees… till the red light of the oven turns off.
Place the cake pan on the bottom grill of pan carefully.

Keep it for 35-40 minutes. (if you insert a knife into cake … the knife should come clearly… that is the indication that the cake baked correctly.)

Let it cool.
Place a plate on the top of the cake pan. Reverse it. The cake bottom falls on the top of the plate.

Cut the cake into pieces.
Enjoy the taste of dates cake.
I made this dates cake on my friend's baby shower function. One of my friends has decorated the cake with Creamy White. She used Betty Crocker's (Rich & Creamy Creamy White). This is good to prepare for occasions too.


  1. Thanks for this recipe. It turned out great. I used date syrup (12 tsps) instead of soaking and grinding the dates. I also used soy milk to make the cake vegan.

  2. Wow this cake is looking so nice... Now adays m into baking too... so will try this one... and thanks for visiting my blog...

  3. Hey,

    I like your blog. I tried plane cake and it turned out to be good. Will try dates cake aswell. Keep posting new things.


  4. Hi,
    Thanks for the recipe...i tried...but it was a little bit hard...i kept at 600 w & 180 deg(microwave & convention mode)for 10 min...shall i cook it in the convention mode by setting only the temp? me...

  5. Hi,

    Actually, I don't know how to cook in microwave oven. I baked it in oven at 350 degree Fahrenheit. It comes nice. Need to study on that lines and should give a try to answer your question. Try to answer you soon.

  6. Hi sailu,

    I love your blog. I tried plane cake ,dates cake ,evening snacks,curries each and every dish is awesome. My husband is big fan of dates cake even my 8th month baby like dates cake.Keep posting new things.

  7. HiSailu,

    Thanks for the recipe. I have one question. do we need to reduce the temperature after pre heat?



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