Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ragi Dosa

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One of my friends Archana told me about these dosas long back. She told that these are very healthy so they have once in every week. But I thought Ragi flour means it may not taste good and didn't try. After 2 years I tried it for my in-laws who visited my place. These are really very tasty and we all loved them.

But I tried the recipe from this blog… Curry In Kadai She explained the recipe very nicely.

Makes: 15-16 Dosas


• Ragi Flour --- 2 cups
• Rice Flour --- 1 cup
• Beaten Curds --- ½ cup
• Salt --- to taste
• Green Chilies --- 5
• Cumin Seeds --- 1 tsp
• Onion --- 1 big
• Coriander Leaves --- 20-25 strands
• Curry leaves --- 2 strands
• Oil --- to sprinkle on dosa


Add 2 cups of ragi flour and a cup of rice flour.

Beat a cup of curds till soft and add it to the flours.

Mix well with a whisk by adding water (it takes approximately 5-6 cups --- [adjust]) to make a thin batter like ravva dosa.

Slice 5 medium size green chilies to small pieces. And add it to the flour.

Chop a big onion into small pieces. And add it to the flour.

Chop coriander leaves and curry leaves into small pieces and add them to the flour.

Mix well.

Let it sit for 15-30 minutes.

Heat a non-stick griddle and pour the batter around it and make a round dosa. Holes will form by itself.

Fry both the sides by adding little oil.
Transfer the dosa to a serving plate and serve hot with tomato pickle.

Just clean the griddle with a paper towel or a paper after every dosa. So that, the griddle won't get spoilt and each and every dosa comes nicely. (Got this tip from my friend Kalyani.)


  1. The recipe sounds great...will try when i get Ragi flour..

  2. I realy love ragi dosa. Ragi Dosa looks perfect..Its healthy and tasty happy to see you back after a long time. I was searching seen long for ragi receipies,and i found it ,it is very useful for my 2 years daugther,b’cos i am willing that she must eat ragi,but i was not knowing the way. I can't wait to try it. thank you for sharing your post.

  3. Wow this sounds delicious! I've never heard of something like this, Thanks for the recipe! Great site!

  4. Hi Sailu...long time no posts!!!!

  5. Oh wow...that's an healthy and yum dosa....nice to know that you are also from Andhra.....

  6. Learnt no. of dishes these days. But I have some problem with my blog to post them.

  7. hi thank u for the wonderful recipe.i love to do ragi recipes but this is really nice one that i can prepare immediately with no previous day works

  8. hi
    its being a long time u r not posting receips

    i like ur receips

  9. hi ur recepies is good but i benefit for vegetarian almost half of the people are nonveg so plzzzzz start non veg recpies like biryani curreis ok

  10. HAi sailu first time here i like ur blog y r u not updating the recipes dear.Never heard abt the ragi dosa.When ever u have time just go through my blog.

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  13. Sounds simple and easy but what is ragi flour???

  14. I too do this.. my fav one and healthy too...

  15. Hi,
    I love dosas but have never tried ragi dosa. Will try them soon.
    Happy New Year!

  16. thanks Sailaja... tried this recipe for the first time... came out good & my husband liked it too.. hurray :)

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  18. Hi,

    I liked your Ragi Dosa recipe; will try it sometime. I have listed your blog site on my site - Pls visit.

    Thanks and regards,

  19. Hi
    I like ragi but was unaware of so quick and yummy recipe. I prepared it for breakfast today, filling and nutritious. Thanks.

  20. Hi...I liked the receipe and wanted to make it so went ahead .I was facing a problem with the batter preparation.I made it n waited for it to sit.but the thing is that when I heat the tava and pour the batter it kind of sticks to the ladle and am unable to make it into a round shape and it gets pls let me know if I can rectify the mistake.

  21. It came very nicely only in my third attempt. My fault is with the amount of water I added. "More the water u add , better the dosa". but remember not too much.

    I think Gowri has also to add little more water, for better dosa.

    Thank you soo much for the receipe:-)


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