Sunday, April 26, 2009

Majjiga Pulusu with Amaranth Leaves / Buttermilk Stew

Recipe Source: My Mother-in-law.

Serves: 4 People.


 Beaten Curd --- 1 cup

 Water --- ½ cup

 Besan --- 2 tsp

 Green chilies --- 4 small

 Red chili powder --- ¼ tsp (adjust according your taste)

 Amaranth Leaves (Thotakura) --- 2 big strands

 Coriander Leaves --- 5 strands

For Seasoning:

• Mustard seeds --- 1 tsp

• Cumin seeds --- ½ tsp

• Hing --- a pinch

• Dry red chilly --- 1 halved

• Curry Leaves --- a few


 Clean and chop amaranth leaves along with the strands if they are tender.

 Add water to the chopped leaves till they cover.

 Cook them till they are done and keep them aside.

 Add half a cup of water to the well beaten curds. Mix well and make buttermilk to medium thickness.

 Add 2 tsp of besan to the buttermilk. Mix well without lumps with a whisk. (If you are not using a whisk for mixing mix besan in little water and add to the buttermilk.)

 Chop green chilies to thin slices and to the butter milk.

 Chop coriander leaves and add it to the buttermilk.

 Heat a tblsn of oil in a pan. Season it with mustard seeds, cumin seeds, a pinch of hing, halved red chilly and curry leaves.

 Turn the heat to low / sim and then add mixed buttermilk. Keep it for a boil. Add cooked amaranth leaves along with the cooked water. Mix well and turn off the heat.

 Transfer it to a serving bowl.


  1. Hi Sailu,

    Nice recipe, I didnt heard about this before. Majjiga Pulusu two types telusugaani idi variety gaa undi. I will try it and post one more comment.

    Uma Kalyani

  2. Hey, was waiting for this recipe !! Shall surely try it :)!!

  3. Nice recipe ... looks good to know about a new recipe ..... will try some time ..........

  4. Hi Sailu,

    As I told you, just now I had my lunch with this special recipe. Simply superb. It came out very nicely. Shall we try with other green leaves also?
    Uma Kalyani

  5. I just liked this recipe..will try it out soon

  6. Hi Uma Kalyani,

    Thank you for trying this dish. I asked my Mom-in-law. She said that you can even make this dish with "Bachalikura" (I don't know in English) and Bottle gourd.


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