Thursday, December 11, 2008

Junnu with Junnu Powder

After the cow gives birth to a calf, it produces a sort of milk. Usually, we make junnu with that milk. But these days, they are selling them as a powder. When I went to India I got these packets from my home town.

This is a good dessert to be served. You can make this before the day itself and refrigerate it and can serve when it is cold.

Recipe Source: My Mom.

Serves: 6 people exactly


Junnu Powder --- 70 grms

Milk --- 2 cups (500 ml) ½ liter
Grated Jaggary --- 150 grms / Sugar --- 200 grms
Cardamom Powder --- a pinch
Crushed Black Pepper  --- a big pinch


Take grated jaggery in a pressure cooker bowl.

Add junnu powder in a small bowl. Mix it with little milk without any lumps.

Pour the mixer on the jaggery. Add rest of the milk too.
Mix well till the jaggery melts.
Add a pinch of cardamom powder and a big pinch of black pepper powder. Mix well.
In a pressure cooker pour water and keep the pressure cooker’s bottom plate. Keep this bowl on the top of it.

Don’t cover it with lid. Cook it on medium-high till it becomes little hard which takes about 40-50 minutes. Check the bottom water level. If required pour water at the bottom. Turn off the heat.

Bring the junnu to room temperature. As is cools down it becomes harder.
Serve it.
Or else, keep it in refrigerator and serve when it is cold. (If you keep in refrigerator it becomes still more harder and tastes even more good.


2-3 days when it is refrigerated.


  1. Hello Sailu, Iam also from Vijayawada. Junnu looks very mouth watering. I want to try this recipe. Could you please tell me in which shop did u buy this Junnu Powder? I want to bring some next time when i go to India.

  2. Hi,

    Just I bought this from a nearby shop to my house. It is available in every grocery shop.

  3. hi is tis available in indian groceries

  4. I think it is not available even in Indian groceries in U.S. I got this from India.

  5. is this available in hyderabad?

  6. It is available in Vijeytha stores in hyderabad.
    I just bought it.

  7. Can you tell me, this Vijeytha stores is in which area, in Hyderabad? Correct address of Vijeytha stores will be more helpful to a person like me. I am from Bangalore, but my inlaws are from Hyderabad.

    1. Available at samruddhi, Vijayanagar,

    2. Available at samruddhi, Vijayanagar,

  8. Sorry about that. I don't know Hyderabad. I guess this junnu powder is available in all the grocery shops.

  9. this powder is available in Erragadda Raithu bazaar

  10. What are the ingredients of this powder? Original Junnu is from colostrum of the cow. However, the ingredients of Kamadhenu Junnu powder contains only skimmed milk powder and a plant extract called asclepediaceae. Are there any harmful effects to this?

  11. Let me know the address and phone No. where Vijayuadurga Hanuman Junnu Powder is available:

  12. I saw kamadhenu junnu powder in amazon.

  13. pl. give name address/phone number and price of colostrum/posu powder shown in your post.

  14. Kamadhenu Colostrum Powder available in Mumbai at

    Natraj - The Eats & Needs Store,
    Shop No 6, Neelkanth Gardens,
    Govandi East, Mumbai - 400088.
    #022 - 25585111


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