Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sunundalu / Urad Dal Laddoo’s

Learnt From: My friend Rama.


Urad Dal --- 2 Cups
Fine Powdered Sugar --- 1 ¾ th Cup (adjust)
Ghee --- ½ cup
Cardamom Powder --- a pinch (Optional)

Makes: 20 Laddoos


Dry roast urad dal on medium low heat till light golden brown. Stir continuously. Let it cool.

Grind to a very fine powder in a blender or food processor. If you have a food processor blend it in that so that it will come super fine powder which is good to make Sunundalu.
Sieve it through very small holes. (My sieve was not tht good. So it didn’t come like super fine powder.)

Melt the ghee.
Now in a bowl, add powdered urad dal and sugar (But I don't like super fine sugar. Just coarsely powdered sugar I have used). Mix nicely.
Add melted ghee till you can make laddoos out of it and mix thoroughly.
Make laddoos out of it. This takes time. Gently you have make this to give a nice shape.


Keep it in a air-tight container. Will be good till it gets over.


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  2. sailaja ladu looks real yummy... i havent tasted it after coming here..feels like having them right now

  3. Wow!!that is so good. i ll try it today. urs came very nice.

  4. Thank you Raaji and Madduri. Do it carefully. Don't compromise if the urad dal is like coarse powder. After trying can u pls let me know how they came out.

  5. Thanks for the nice recipe :).I tried it today it came out very well..Waiting for some more delicious Andhra Recipes :)


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