Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Peanut-Sesame Powder

This is the powder which we use as an ingredient in making some curries.

Learnt From: My friend Sunitha.


Peanuts --- ½ cup
Sesame Seeds --- ¼ cup
Dry Red Chilies --- 8
Tamarind --- 3-4 strands
Salt --- as per taste


Turn the heat to medium-low. Keep a pan on it. Add peanuts fry for a while.
Add dry red chilies, sesame seeds, fry till nice aroma comes or till the peanuts come to light brown colour.
Add tamarind fry for a while.
Turn off the heat.
Let them cool.
Grind all the fried into a fine powder by adding enough salt.
Let them come to room temperature.

Store the powder in a air-tight container.


  1. its a nice recipe..but along with these proportions in mind,how much salt to add??thanks a lot

  2. Hi,

    We have to salt to taste. I haved added little by little and checked the taste.


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