Saturday, June 28, 2008

Masala Dosa

Learnt From: One of my friends Charu.

Makes: for 6 dosas.


Potatoes --- 6

Onion --- ½ big (finely chopped)
Green chilies --- 4 small with less hot (chop into tiny pieces)
Curry leaves --- 6-7 (chopped)
Salt --- to taste
Turmeric Powder --- a pinch

For Seasoning:

Oil --- 2 tblsn
Mustard Seeds --- 1 tsp

Process of making curry:

Boil Potatoes and mash them.
Heat oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds. Fry till they splutter.
Add chopped green chilies, curry leaves and onions.

Stir fry till onions turn translucent.
Add mashed potato, a pinch of turmeric powder and enough salt to it. (I forgot to add turmeric powder.)

Add ¾ th cup of water to the pan if you have boiled them in micro-wave.
Cook for 5-7 minutes.
Turn off the heat. Transfer the curry to a bowl.

Process of making dosa:

Pour a ladle full of dosa batter on the hot griddle.
Spread the dosa batter to a thin sheet.

Let it cook for a while till it cooks. (You can see the white colour of the batter losing its whiteness.)
Add ¼ tsp of oil to the rims and top of the dosa.
You can keep the curry at the center.

Or you can spread the curry on the dosa.

Cook it for a while.
Fold the dosa in this matter.

Serve hot with dalia chutney.


  1. Damu pa kmu to?.. Nano ni klase blog man?

  2. The nice thing with this blog is, its very awsome when it comes to there topic.


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