Monday, May 5, 2008

Boiling Potatoes

Is it looking crazy to post how to boil potatoes? But for me I felt it is useful. These are the simple things … but if we don’t try … it will be unknown forever.

If you have a micro-wave and not using it for boiling potatoes … do in this way and see the difference.

Earlier I used to boil potatoes using pressure cooker only. But my friend Kalyani used to scold me … Why you increase ur work. She advised me many a time to use micro wave for boiling potatoes. Finally, now I have used micro-wave for boiling potatoes. Really, it is very easy and the potatoes won’t take water for boiling so that it is easy to make dishes like cut lets, kebabs, burger patties etc ., which should not need to much wateriness.

Process of boiling potatoes in the micro-wave:

Take a Potato. Clean it nicely with water.
Place the cleaned potato on a micro-wave safe plate.

Keep it in the micro-wave.

Micro-wave it for 4 minutes (or keep it in the potato symbol on the micro-wave).
Remove it from micro-wave.
Let it cool for a minute.

Remove the skin of the potato with hand.

Repeat the process till you get enough.

Cut the potatoes according to ur wish.
Or else, If you want to mash the potatoes. Grate the potatoes using a grater.


  1. I boil my potatoes in the microwave too. I sometimes put 2-3 potatoes together and increase the potato-count on the microwave. Is that OK to do? Also, I found it helpful to put a few slits in the potato skin using knife as it allowed the potato to be boiled till inside and also potato will not pop/burst.

  2. Hi sailu,
    this is Divyasivakumar, recently i moved to korea n my cooker is not working properly. Ur tip really helped me a lot.thank u very much and let me know that whether we can do the same for cooking idli too using steel idli stand.

    Thanks in advance,


  3. Hi Divya Reddy,

    Thanks for trying and letting me know. And I wont recommend to use steel ones in the microwave. You have separate idly maker to go into the microwave. I donno how well the idlies will come in that. One of my friends presented me one. Still didnt give a try. Once I try then I will share my experience with you. Till then you can check these links.

    Look at the picture how the idli maker looks like:

    And check how to make the idlies in the idli maker:

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