Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mango Ice Cream

There are so many recipes in my blog. But this is one of the easiest & tastiest recipes I have ever made. No dish can be made as simpler as this. Surely, give a try. Not only kids we also love this ice-cream.

Learnt From:

Serves: 16-18 scoops.


Mango Pulp --- 1 lb

Sweetened Condensed Milk --- 14 oz

Whipped Topping --- 8 oz


Add mango pulp, sweetened condensed milk & whipped topping into a bowl.

With a hand whisk mix nicely altogether.

Transfer the content to an air-tight bowl to avoid ice-crystals. Or cover the container with a polyethylene.

Keep it in the freezer for 4 hours.

With an ice cream scoop or with a steel ladle take it nicely as a scoop.

Transfer the bowl from freezer to the fridge before 10 minutes to serve. Serve immediately.

Tastes wonderful. Really it is very yummy … yummy … yummy …


No need to blend the mixer like other ice creams.

Use only hand whisk to mix the mixer.

Sending this for Cool Desserts event to Mythreyee.


  1. Tasted great for a simple recipe. Thank you Sailu for not only sharing the recipe but also the ice cream with me.

  2. Thanks for such a easy recipe. I am in the US. Can you please tell me the stores where we can get the condensed milk and the whipped topping?

  3. Hi Baby,

    You can get them in Walmart or Price Chopper.


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