Saturday, December 15, 2007

Burger with Vegetable Patty

Learnt from: I should thank Sailaja for posting a great recipe. Whatever I prepare from her site ... turns out good.

Makes: 8 Burgers


Burgers --- 8 pieces
Potatoes --- 3 big
Carrots --- 4 big
Salt --- to taste
Green Chilies --- 3 medium
Pepper (Black or White) --- ¾ tsp
Grated Cheese --- 2 tblsn
Rusks --- 1 piece (when powdered 2 ½ tblsn)
Ghee --- ½ tsp
Oil --- to fry patties
Cucumber --- 1
Tomatoes --- 2
Onion --- ¼ (optional)


Peel the skin of 3 potatoes and 4 carrots. Boil them (don’t chop them) in pressure cooker by adding water and enough salt to it. Keep it for 5 whistles. Wait till the pressure goes off. Drain the water. Pat dry with a paper towel. Chop them to small pieces and mash them coarsely. Keep them aside.

In the meanwhile, slit 3 green chilies vertically and chop them to tiny pieces. Make a fine powder from rusks.

Now, mix all of them mashed potatoes & carrots, green chilies, ¾ tsp of pepper, 3 tblsn of cheese, powdered rusks and adjust salt to it.

Pre-heat oven at bake & 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Take a aluminum foil. Grease the foil with ghee. Divide mashed one into 8 portions. Make a ball with each portion. Place it on the foil. Make a patty. Do the same for all the rest. When the light of oven off’s keep the foil carefully on the grill of the oven. Keep for 30 minutes. Turn off the oven. Let them cool. (This step is optional. If you can fry the patties directly on the griddle … you can skip this step.)

Make a thin slices of cucumber, onion & tomatoes.

Heat griddle. Grease the griddle with butter. Shallow fry the inner side of the burgers. Do for all the rest of the burgers.

Now fry the patties with oil on both the sides. If you are comfortable with frying the patties directly on the griddle you can avoid the oven step.

Place the fried patty on the bottom slice of the burger. Place the onion, cucumber & tomato slices on the patty. Cover it with the upper slice of the burger.

Amazing … preparing and having burger at home … right?


  1. I tried this recipe today and it came out very well. Thank you for posting this recipe

  2. Sailu .....the burger tasted so good...Saketh liked it very much.Thank u .

  3. what is rusk means, where can we find that? please let me know.

  4. Hi Veena,

    Rusk is a roasted bread. Here in Burger I have used Cake Rusks. These are available in any Asian Stores. Even without that you can make ur burger. That's fine.

    Recently, I have made Burger patty with all the ingredients which are available at home. Without cheese, rusks and all. But unfortunately ... I hv deleted the photos from my camera. So I was not able to post tht burger. Which is much more easier than earlier.

  5. Despite of using rusk powder, we can use bread crumbs which adds more taste to it. Apart from using vegetables, soaked, boiled and mashed white chick peas gives more soft consistency and great taste to the Patties. A thin layer of cheese above and below the patties leaves a great bite.

    Want to Try this ???


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