Monday, October 15, 2007

Potato Fry

Learnt From: My Mom

Serving for: 4 people


Potatoes --- 3 big
Oil --- 7-8 tblsn
Salt --- to taste
Red chilly powder --- 1 tsp


Peel the skin of potatoes. Keep them in water.
Chop them into small cubes. Keep the chopped in water.
Heat oil in a wide pan in Medium-High heat.
Add chopped potatoes onto the pan.
Stir them up with a spatula. Uncover the lid. Being it is a fry should not be covered with lid.
Stir occasionally.
Add enough salt after the potatoes turn to translucent colour.
Stir occasionally till the potatoes turn to light golden colour.
Then turn the heat to Medium.
Stir fry… or else the potatoes may be roasted.
Remove the pan from heat when the potatoes turn to golden colour.
Add red chilly powder.
Transfer the fry to a serving bowl.
Serve hot.
Have it with rice or rice along with rasam.

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