Friday, September 14, 2007

Chapathi /Chapatti

Making chapathi’s and poori’s are different from making other dishes. It should be done in a right way or else they won’t puff up properly and obviously they won’t be smooth and soft. I got the tip from my friend Babitha. I’m thankful to her for sharing tht with me.


Whole Wheat flour --- 1 cup
Water --- ½ cup (it can be bit more or less depends on the flour… Check it out)
Salt --- a pinch

Process for making the dough:

In a bowl add one cup of wheat flour.
Add a pinch of salt.
Take half a cup of water. (may not need full half cup of water… so don’t pour full water at a time. It may vary from flour to flour. Just to get an idea only I told to take half cup of water).
Pour 3/4th’s of the taken water.
Mix it with bare hand.
See and add water little by little if needed.
Make a knead dough. (Dough should not be very hard.)
Add ½ tsp of oil to the dough.
To puff up the chapattis … knead the dough by beating it for 5 minutes or till the dough becomes elastic and soft. (I got this tip from my friend Babitha).

Keep the dough a side for 30 minutes by covering the bowl with a lid or with a wet cloth.

Process for rolling chapathis:

Right before rolling … again knead the dough by beating it for 5 more minutes.
Divide the dough into 8 equal parts.

Press the ball with the arms gently and dip it into the whole wheat flour on both the sides.

Roll out into a flat round shape.

If you want you can scratch one drop of oil with a spoon. (you can skip this step).
Fold it to half.

If you want you can spread one drop of oil with a spoon. (you can skip this step).
Fold it to triangle shape.

Roll it out to a thin flat triangular or round shape.

Process for heating chapathis:

Turn the heat to medium-high. Don’t keep it in medium heat or sim. (cuz … chapattis should not be on the skillet for a long time).
Heat the skillet to hot.
Keep the chapatti on the skillet.

Keep moving the chapathi round the skillet. Don’t let the chapathi sit on the skillet.
Flip it over when some dots form.

When it starts puffing up … press it with a spatula. (puffing up is a sign that you made the dough in a right way and the chapathi’s will be soft).

Add ½ tsp of oil on the chapathi.

Flip it over … keep moving the chapathi on the reverse side too round the skillet. Do this for a while.
Add oil on the second side too … fry it for a while.
Transfer the chapathi to a serving plate.

Have it with a curry as your wish.

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