Monday, August 20, 2007

Palak Cutlet

Short Story abt this recipe:

Almost daily Saroj, Babitha and I three gather together. One day Saroj told about this recipe. We want to make it on that day itself. But all of us are not having all the ingredients. But when we were combined together… we have all the ingredients. So, on that day we three gathered in Babitha’s house and prepared this one. It came very good. All our three husband’s like this one. But the thing was they felt if some more were there they would have had it… they were asking among them… how many you got? And how many you got?... Anyway, we had fun doing this.

Learnt From:

I learnt this from my friend Saroj.


Palak / Spinach
Green peas
Corn flour
Green chilies
Garam masala
Coriander leaves


Chop potatoes into half.
Cook potatoes for 3 whistles in a cooker.
Peel the skin of the potatoes.
Grate potatoes.

Boil palak leaves in a salt water.
Chop boiled palak into small pieces.

Cook green peas.

Mash green peas.
Chop green chilies into small pieces or grind them to a paste.
Chop coriander leaves.
Take a bowl and mix the grated potato, mashed green peas, chopped palak, chopped coriander leaves, corn flour and salt.
Make a knead dough.
Make small balls of the dough and press them.

Heat oil in a deep pan.
Deep fry the pressed ones.

It is very spicy and tasty too.

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  1. U have some different nice recipes. Liked it.


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