Thursday, August 2, 2007

Idly / Idli

Learnt From:

I learnt this from my Mom.

Kitchen - Note:

Idly batter should be prepared before 16-18 hours before in order to ferment.


Whole Urud-Dal ( Minapa Gullu)--- 1 cup
Idly-Ravva --- 2 cups
Water --- to grid & to liquify the batter
Salt as per taste


Clean Whole White grams (whole urad dal) with water for 2 times and soak them in water for 2 hours.
Clean idly ravva for 2 times with water. Soak it in water. (This you can do now or at the time of grinding urad dal.)

Process of making Idly Batter:

Drain the water from Urud-dal.
Grind the soaked Urud-dal into paste. { by adding adequate water into blender at the time of grinding}
Drain the water from Idly-Ravva.
Add the cleaned Idly-Ravva into the ground urud-dal batter.
Add salt as per taste into the ground batter.
Mix it properly.
Allow it to ferment for 16-18 hours.
After fermentation the batter doubles to its volume.
Process of making Idlies:
Mix it well... Adjust the salt.
Make Idlies in the Idly-Steamer.
If there is no idly-steamer you can also use pressure cooker without keeping the whistle.
Add one glass of water in the utensil.

Clean the plates with water … if you are not supposed to wet the plates … then take ghee or oil with your fingure tips and rub it on the plates.
Pour the batter on the idly plates.
Dont let the batter fill till the brims.
Keep them in the utensil.

Steam the Idly’s on medium-high flame for 10 minutes.

Remove the lid.

Wait for 5 minutes to take the idlies from the plates. Take the idlies with spatula.

Tastes good with sambar or peanuts chutney.


  1. Hi Shailaja,

    I have a query about idli.How long we can keep the idli batter.
    and if I make more idlis(when I microwave it becomes bit hard).
    I want to make the batter in bulk but idli doesnt come out soft next time.
    How to get the fresh idli with the leftover ones.
    Thanks a lot

  2. Hi Ranjana,

    Actually, I won't make idly batter in bulk. But I guess, if you fermant it properly, you can use that idly batter for 4-6 days by keeping that in fridge after every use. Don't add salt before fermenting. Take required batter in another bowl and add salt before using.

    Just sprinkle little water on the top of the idlies before you microwave - to get soft & fresh idlies. But this is for sure. Try it out let me know.

  3. Hi Shailaja

    The warming thing in microwave worked Shailaja.

    Thanks a ton....

  4. Hey Hi Sailaja...first time to ur blog and u have a gr8 collection...but one thing i wud love to say not getting which recipe is ur recent updated one...all looks just make sure to just keep the post first and then the index....and i loved ur blog a lot with unique collection of recipes and mee vere blogs kuda chusanu chala baunnai...very informatic...


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