Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ghee / Neyyi / Clarified Butter

Ghee is used to prepare sweets. It is one of the main ingredients to prepare sweets. We take ghee along with rice particularly with pickles, chutneys, dals and sambar.


Unsalted Sweet Butter


Take a deep pan. The pan should be dry.
Keep 4 butter sticks in the pan.
Keep the flame in Medium-High.
The butter sticks start melting.

At the time of melting you can see bubbles forming on the upper layer… you can hear spluttering sounds... you can smell the aroma.

It will be in yellowish colour.
Then reduce the flame to medium.
Slowly the bubbles go off

And will change to transperancy.
Then turn off the flame.


Take a dry glass bottle.
Take filter even this should be dry.

Transfer the ghee to this bottle.


Its better use steel filter. If the filter is plastic … don’t transfer the ghee when it is hot. Your filter becomes no longer in use. So transfer it when the ghee is warm. When the ghee comes to room temperature it becomes solid. So you cant transfer it.

Cover it with lid.
Use dry spoon to use the ghee.


  1. Hi sailu the way you told about ghee is rong statement because people who see your blog when they want to make ghee they think melting butter is called ghee because you did not put any ingredent which are use for preapring ghee.
    from aishu

  2. Hi Aishu,

    Melting butter at right temperature is nothing but ghee. No need to add other ingredients to it.


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