Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bread Halwa

Learnt From:

I learnt this sweet from my friend Kalyani.

Cooking Time:

Total time 40 minutes.
Among that it takes 20 minutes to make sugar syrup.

Serving for:

Can serve for 4-5 people.

Sugar Syrup:

Sugar --- 1 cup
Water --- 2 cups
Cardamoms --- 2 (optional)
Vanilla essence --- 2 drops (optional)

Process to make Sugar Syrup:

Take a deep bowl. Add sugar, water and cardamoms. Keep it in medium heat till the bubbles comes. After the bubble comes add vanilla essence and keep it for 5-10 minutes to become thick and light sticky.


Bread --- 8-10 slices


Boil milk.

Prepare sugar syrup.
Tear the brownness around the bread slice.

Cut each bread slice into 4 parts.

Cut the remaining bread slices too.

Heat ghee and oil in a pan by keeping it in medium high heat.

Fry the bread pieces till dark brown.

Dip the fried one into milk and squeeze the milk from the bread pieces and keep them into sugar syrup.

Check each time the ghee is sufficient to fry the bread pieces or not … else add ghee and oil.
Break Halwa finish.


  1. Hi.. sailu..
    Good job..
    carry on ur site..
    its rocking...

  2. I tried the dessert recipes from your blog and they came out good.

    Renu :o)

  3. Hi Renu,

    Thank you for trying bread halwa. Even I like this dessert very much.

  4. Hi
    I am Lahari. I am searching for this recipe from long back. Finally i got here. But how much quantity we have to take the milk and upto how many minutes the bread should be in milk? Thank you.

  5. Hi Lahari,

    Just to dip the fried bread pieces in milk. No need of taking milk in exact volume. It is takes approximately 1 - 1 1/2 cups.

    The bread should be soaked in milk around a minute. By the time you fry the next bread slice this should be taken off from milk.

    For this use a good quality of ghee. It tastes better.

    All the best Lahari.


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