Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dondavakai / Tindora Pickle

Learnt From: My Sister-In-Law (Lakshmi)


Tindora / Dondakayalu --- 20 no.
Salt --- 1 tblsn
Red Chilly Powder --- 1 tbsln
Mustard Powder --- 1 tblsn (Grind raw-mustards to a fine powder)
Oil --- 2 ½ tblsn


Clean tindora thoroughly. Wipe the tindora with a paper towel. Keep them on a paper towel for half an hour to one hour and make them dry completely. Not only tindora but also cutting pad, knife, and a bowl & spoon.

Make sure ur hands are also dry. Then cut the tindora into tiny pieces. Add 1 tblsn of salt, red chilly powder, mustard powder & 2 ½ -3 tblsn of oil.

Mix well.

Rest it for one full day & night.
Have it with rice or curd rice.
Keep it in the fridge. Good for a week or more.


Don’t take full tblsn … take till the edges of the spoon.

If you can’t eat very hot then reduce the quantities (salt, red chilly powder & mustard powder)from 1 tblsn to ¾ th tblsn to a tsp. If you reduce one, reduce all in the equal ratio. Because salt, red chilly powder & mustard powder should be in equal ratio.

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