Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How to remove stains on the kitchen stove?

My friend Kalyani has answered for this question to me. She told me to use ‘Comet’ powder. It costs less than a dollar. But has removed all the stains in my kitchen. After the stains has gone … I felt that if I keep this in my blog all the users of the blog who do not know this before can benefit. I took a snap for one of the stain too.

This is the stain which it has been from almost 6 months.

After cleaning that with Comet Powder it has gone like a magic.

Actually, if you soak the stain for 15 seconds and scrub it will go. But mine is a very strong stain. So I soaked it for 1 minute and rubbed it with a scrubber. Like this I did for 3 times. It has gone.

If you are looking for a stain remover to clean the stains … get ‘Comet Powder’ and try. It will work out. It is available in any store like, Wal-Mart, Price Chopper, Sams, Dollar Tree ... etc.,

It works only for stove, it works for stove plates, bath room tiles etc.,

And one more thing, to clean under the stove you has a rod to attach. I came to know that some people don’t know this. So I even kept this.


  1. Wow.. great idea to clean out strain .. Shall get it today itself :)!!
    Thank you Dear !!

  2. Thanks a lot for this tip. I have been searching for such a cleaner from a long time.

  3. Thank u, that was very helpful.


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