Saturday, February 9, 2008

Masala Peanuts / Palleelu

Can you imagine cooking masala peanuts in micro-wave. In one site I found it. Immediately I tried it. The taste was simply superb. Same taste … Same crispiness … as we do regularly in deep fry.

If you have a micro-wave. Don’t think about it. Just make an attempt. Surely a surprise mixed with grin leaves on your face.

Learnt From: Easy Indian Food


Besan --- ¼ cup
Red chilly powder --- ½ tsp
Salt --- as per taste
Peanuts --- 1 cup (approx)
Oil --- to grease


Take a bowl. Add besan flour, red chilly powder & salt.
Just sprinkle water and mix.
The batter should be very thick.
Add a cup of peanuts to the batter. Mix well.
Take a microwavable plate. Grease the plate with oil.
Place the peanuts which are coated with the besan batter. When you place the peanuts coated with batter … the batter should stick to the peanuts. That thick the batter should be. If not just mix little more besan flour to get tht consistency. Still more thick than in the photo below. The coating should give a rough finishing still more than in the photo below. Next time I should try in a right way. To look it is bit different but there is no change in the taste.

Micro-wave for 3 minutes.
Remove the plate from micro wave.
Wait for a couple of minutes.
Remove the peanuts. Wait till the peanuts become cold or room temperature to have crispy taste.

Store them in an air-tight container.


  1. Wow..good idea..i will try n say u how it came....
    thank u posting..

  2. Do you use raw peanuts or roasted ones??


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