Friday, October 5, 2007

Plantain Curry with Mustard Powder

‘Plantain’ is also called ‘Green Banana’ in English. In Hindi it is called as ‘Kacha Kela’ and in Telugu it is called as ‘Arati Kaya’.

In Telugu this curry is called as ‘Ava Pettina Aratikaya Kura’

Learnt From:

I learnt this curry from

Serving for:

2 - 3 people.


Plantain --- 1
Water --- ½ cup
Turmeric powder --- a pinch
Salt --- as per taste
Green Chilies --- 3 small
Ginger Paste --- ½ tsp
Shredded Coconut --- 2 tblsp
Mustard Powder --- ¾ tsp
Red chilly powder --- 1 tsp


But in tht site she asked to grind coarsely: ½ inch ginger piece, coconut piece, ¾ tsp of mustard seeds, & 1 green chilly.

I have ginger paste, shredded coconut, mustard powder. So, instead of green chilly I used red chilly powder.

For Seasoning:

Oil --- 2 tblsp
Split Urad Dal --- 1 tsp
Mustard seeds --- ½ tsp
Hing --- a pinch
Dry Red Chilly --- 1 (Chopped)
Curry Leaves --- a few


Peel the skin of plantain and chop them to cubes.
In a medium deep pan add chopped plantains, half a cup of water, a pinch of turmeric powder, & enough salt.
Keep the pan on heat till the plantains become tender. Plantains should not be over cooked.
In the meanwhile, if u need to grind … grind them now itself.
Chop green chilies too.
Heat oil in other pan. Add seasoning one by one like… split urad dal, mustard seeds, hing, & chopped dry red chilies.
Add curry leaves & green chilies.
Sauté till the green chilies get white spots.
Add cooked plantains.
Immediately add ½ tsp of ginger paste, 2 tblsp of shredded coconut, ¾ tsp of mustard powder, 1 tsp of red chilly powder or add tht ground coarse paste.
Sauté it for 2 minutes.
Turn off the heat.
Transfer the curry to a serving bowl.
Try to take when the curry is hot.

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