Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sorrakaya Chekkalu

Short Story of this Snack:

Here we had a Potlatch in Mr.Ramesh's House (Colleague of my Husband). There we had four families along with us. There I have tasted this one. I felt good and want to try myself. So, I asked Mrs.Sunitha Ramesh how to make this. She told me the recipe then I prepare. This will be good when it is hot.

Learnt from:

Learnt from my friend Mrs.Sunitha Ramesh.


Bottle gourd or Sorrakaya
Rice Flour
Green chilly paste
Ginger paste
Soaked channa dal
Chopped coriander leaves


Peel the skin of bottle gourd.
Remove the middle tender part.
Take the hard one and grate it.

Add as much as rice flour it takes to make a dough.
Add green chilly paste and ginger paste.
Add soaked channa dal and chopped coriander leaves.
Add enough salt.
Make a knead dough.

Heat 3/4th of oil in a deep pan.
In the mean while make small round balls from the dough.
Apply oil with bare hand on a plastic paper.
Keep the round balls on the plastic paper and press them to a flat round shape.
Keep them aside.
When the oil is heat.
Deep fry them.
Serve hot.
Sorry... forgot to take a photo after finishing... We just finished them immediately.

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