Thursday, August 2, 2007

Godhuma Dosa


Wheat Flour --- 3/4th Rice cup
Rice Flour --- 3/4th Rice cup
Red chilly powder --- ½ tsp
Green chilies --- 4 chopped
Salt --- as per taste
Onions --- chopped

Process to make the Dosa Batter:

Take a bowl.
Add Wheat Flour and Rice Flour in the equal ratio.
Add 1 rice cup of water and mix it with bare hand without any lumps.
Liquefy the batter with water to make dosa.
Add red chilly powder, green chilies and salt.

Mix it well.
Let the batter be soaked for 10 to 20 minutes.

Process to make a Dosa on the Frying Pan:

Heat griddle.
Pour the batter round the edges of the griddle.
Don’t try to spread it with spatula.
Let the batter spread it by itself.
Add chopped onions on it and press it with spatula.
Add oil on the edges of the dosa.

Let the dosa fry for a while.
Reverse the dosa and fry it for a while.

Transfer the dosa to a serving plate.


  1. I like your blog. But there is a problem on your web page - if I like something from the slide show and click on the image .. its taking me some place else. I would suggest you to link the image to your recipe.

    Good Luck!

  2. With that slide show I can't link up to the recipe. But, I try to find other alternative soon.

    In the meanwhile, when you come to the bottom of the slide you will come to the name of the recipe then type the name of the recipe on the "Search Of My Recipes" which is on the top left of the browser page.

  3. wow..this recipe is too gud..instant n tasts awesome..i added little jeera also to the batter and my hubby liked it a lot..thanx for sharing


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