Thursday, August 2, 2007

Dosa / Minapa Dosa

Learnt From:

I learnt this from my mom only.

Method ---I:


Urad dal --- 1 cup

Raw rice --- 3 cups


Clean and soak the above separately for 4 hours.

Process of making batter:

Grind them to a paste.

Ferment it over night.

See the batter in the morning it will puff up.

Stir the batter with a ladle.

Liquefy the batter to make dosa by adding water.

Add enough salt.

Process of making dosa:

Heat a non stick griddle.

Pour one ladle full of batter on the center of the griddle.

With the ladle spread the batter around the griddle in a round shape.

Add ½ spoon of oil around the rims of the dosa.

Fry it for a while.

Move under and around the rims of dosa with spatula.

If you feel that the dosa was fried… move the spatula under around fully and then reverse the dosa.

Fry the reverse side of the dosa too.

Transfer the dosa to serving plate.

Method II:


As Set Dosa make the batter. But at the time of making dosa on the pan spread it with ladle as shown below. But the taste for set dosa and this normal dosa varies.
Have it with peanut chutney or dalia chutney or sambar.

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  1. Hi,

    This recipe description is really nice along with the pictures.
    Thank you for sharing the recipe


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