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‘Chalimidi’ sounds different … right? It is a sweet. In Andhra it is very popular. At the time of sending brides to their in-laws house (kaapuraaniki pampeetappudu), at the time of baby-shower (Sreemantham) & for each and every festival they make this sweet.

I made this sweet to my friend’s baby-shower.

Learnt From:

My Mom. She makes this sweet very well.


Raw – Rice --- 1 Cup

Jaggary --- ¾ cup grated

Water --- ¼ th cup

Poppy Seeds (Gasagasaalu) --- 2 tblsn

Cashew nuts --- 10-20 (chopped)

Dry Coconut --- 2 tblsn (chopped)

Ghee --- 2 tblsn


To make this sweet … use very fine quality of rice.


Clean a cup of raw-rice twice with water.

Soak them in water overnight.

Drain the water from rice using strainer. Keep tht aside.

In the meanwhile, grate ¾ th cup of jaggery. Keep tht aside.

In a pan dry roast 2 tblsn of poppy seeds to light brown colour. Transfer the fried poppy seeds to a small bowl.

In the same pan add 1 tblsn of ghee and stir fry chopped cashew nuts and dry coconut pieces till brown. Keep them aside.

Take a paper towel … just wipe off the excess water from the rice and blend the rice to a fine powder.

Sieve the blended rice flour. Keep tht aside.

Turn the heat to medium-high.

In a pan add ¼ cup of water.

Add grated jaggery to the water.

Keep stirring.

Just keep little water in a plate aside. (in the above photo look the plate with little water beside the pan.)

When you drop a little drop of the jaggery consistency in the water … the jaggery which is in consistency comes together and become lightly sticky. That is the right consistency of making that jaggery gravy (Paakam) Then immediately turn off the flame.

Note:(The Paakam should not be too thick or too light). The way you make this paakam depends on the final output. If the paakam becomes thick your chalimidi will come hard. So, be careful at the time of making this paakam.

Add blended & sieved rice flour, fried cashew nuts & coconut pieces to the jaggery.

Mix well. The mixer should not be too solid.

Wait till it comes to room temperature.

Then it should be ready to make laddoos or balls with them.

Grease your palms with ghee.

Make laddos small or big.

Just roll the laddos on the fried poppy seeds.

Finish … tht’s it.


  1. Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll!
    Isn't cooking so much fun?!

  2. Hi!
    this sweet looks delicious! poppy seeds in the sweet looks differently!

  3. hi,
    ur presentation is superb.so many times i tried this sweet but paakam iam not getting correct it shuld me muduru or letha paakam????? yesterday i made this taste was gud but it became like stone very hard.

  4. Hi Smitha,

    Sorry to hear that it came out hard. When it is about to turn to muduru paakam switch it off. The way you make paakam depends on the way the chalimidi comes.

  5. hi,
    I came to know this name by my neighbour. She asked me which type of sweet is this? It is good for devi navarathri neivedyam. So, I saw ur recipe. They r so interesting and photos and methods are very much convincing. I will make it and teach my neighbour as well. Thank you. Happy dasara.

  6. I was searching for this receipe....good you have upload in your blog

  7. Hi,
    Can we make the same with Sugar,if jaggery is not available?


  8. I asked my mom. She said that we can even make it with sugar. But the taste will be little different.

    All the best. Try it out and let me know how it has come out.


  9. Hi,

    Can we make the same without poppy seeds?



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